Sunday, November 17, 2019

November 17

Good Morning, 
Where do I begin? It was so nice to meet with all of you during conferences. We have been very busy in grade 2! 

Second graders have been working very hard on persuasive writing. We completed a piece called Scarecrow For Hire. The children created a scarecrow and wrote to a farmer. They were very creative and I think they may have new jobs! They completed a graphic organizer, which helped them get their thoughts down before completing their writing.

Last week we had a great time learning about the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. We watched an old parade and their were LOTs of ooohhs and ahhhs! This was a 3 part project and another persuasive writing piece. I was impressed at their persistence and their final product! Here are so teasers:

We finally started a science unit on erosion and the earth's surface. It is fun to see their minds work and the hear the questions they ask. Her are some pictures of our first activity on rivers.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Second Grade News
Mrs. Humphrey

Wow, what a great week in second grade! I am truly enjoying your children. I love how nicely they are settling into grade 2.

We have had a great time learning chants and greetings during our morning meeting. It is so fun to hear them throughout the day. It has been a great way to start our day on a positive note.

During reading we have done lots of work with setting, characters, and problems. Thank you so much for reading with your children at home! It honestly is a key part of helping your children develop the love of reading. 

We read the book, Creepy Carrots, and made our own creepy carrots. We put the events of the story in order and we drew pictures of first, next, then, and last. My favorite part of this activity was reading their creative writing piece that went with their carrot.

On Tuesday, we read the book, Spider and the Fly. This is one of my favorite books. It has wonderful vocabulary and illustrations. The kids loved it. We made spider webs from yarn and popsicle sticks. Their favorite was painting spider webs and making their own spiders. 

We have had a very busy week of fun and learning!

Have a wonderful LONG weekend!

Monday, October 7, 2019

Look what is happening in second grade:

Second graders did a writing activity. They wrote for 10 minutes, illustrated for 5, and wrote again for 5 minutes...they loved it! It was so fun to listen to them share with their peers.

Second graders read the book, "Sticks". It is about a popsicle that melts and now the stick has to find a new purpose. They kids then took stick and made very cool creations. They had a great time sharing the book and their creations with kindergarten!

                                                       Fun with math centers!

 We read the book, "My Mouth is a Volcano", and then tried making volcanoes with mints, soda, baking soda, and vinegar.

                                      Our caterpillars arrived! 

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Second Grade News
Mrs. Humphrey

Well, I think fall has arrived. What a beautiful weekend with wonderful temperatures! I hope you all enjoyed the outside.

We had a great week last week. Our class earned free time and popcorn on Friday. It always makes me smile when I see them make creative choices. We may have some future engineers!
This week we will start Unit 2 in math. They did a great job on their first test!

 On Friday, we are going to do a math project with base ten blocks and place value.
We will continue our reading workshop. This week we will add mini-lessons about characterization, visualization, and predictions. We continue to work on our stamina.
In writing we have been writing in journals. I usually give them a prompt and we write for 10 minutes, draw for 5, and then write for 5 more minutes.
 They LOVE it!

We will also do a reading and writing project with the book, Creepy Carrots.
On Monday, they will come home with a new spelling list. We will have a spelling test and dictation on Friday.

I am excited to start our first science unit called Water Works! Science is my favorite and this unit is a blast!
THANK YOU so much for taking time to do homework with your child! Reading at home is a huge part of their growth!

Have a wonderful week!

Second graders are very creative. I am finding that any free time they have is used for creating….it is awesome.

If you have any of the following we would love to take it off your hands:
paper towel rolls
tissue paper
LOTS of tape
pom poms(big and small)
cotton balls
paper (white and colored)
empty yogurt containers (or small containers)
scrapbook paper
pipe cleaners
Lots of popsicle sticks..any size and color

Monday, September 16, 2019

Sixth graders read books about kindness!
They were great readers and we were a great audience!

Will's mom brought in caterpillars!

                 Look at the beautiful chrysalis!